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Are you planning a trip to Campania and you still do not know what to visit?

The region of Campania can be described as an amazing combination of history and little wonders. There are many ancient villages full of art, culture and tradition, expression of an intense architecture.

Let’s start from Cilento!

The Cilento area is a paradise for all the people who love the nature and the sea. Still uncontaminated, it represents that part of Campania left still “virgin” by cementation and mass tourism.
A land of myths and legends, folklore and religious traditions to which the local people are particularly faithful, an intense journey into the gastronomy to discover unrivaled flavors.
The archaeological site of Paestum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most historic attractions.
The Temples, the Forum, the Agora and the Amphitheater will bring you back to the days of Poseidon, the Greek name of the current Paestum.

Indispensable gastronomy pit-stop is the cheese factory, you cannot leave without having tasted the famous buffalo mozzarella! Tenuta Vannullo, Il Granato, Rivabianca  and Borlotti are the best places to taste it and much more. Absolutely recommended!
Castellabate is another small pearl of the Cilento area, the ancient village and the Abbate Castle, built in 1123 by Costabile Abbot to defend the village from Saracen attacks, are interesting sites to visit. All over the coast, there are many places such as Santa Maria di Castellabate with the beautiful Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Mare, San Marco di Castellabate with the necropolis and the church of San Marco Evangelista and the nearby Agropoli, with the picturesque historic center made of doors and towers from which the castle stands.


Our trip continues to Punta Licosa, a small village that has only 72 inhabitants but with an unbelievable landscape. It is an islet composed of remains of walls and a lighthouse, its name derives from the Leukosia Mermaid, one of the three mermaids who met Ulysses during his journey. She threw herself from a cliff for an unrequited love, and her body took the shapes of a rock: the island of Licosa.

The Charterhouse of San Lorenzo in Padula, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the richest Baroque monumental complexes in Southern of Italy and is among the largest, in terms of extension, of the Europe. Along with the Certosa, there is also an unforgettable walk into the Grottoes of the Angel of Pertosa.

The trip to the discovery of the Cilento’s beauties does not stop here! Palinuro and Marina di Camerota are also wonderful places to visit, two destinations with crystal and clear sea, lovely beaches and breathtaking views. Moreover, you should visit Scario which is defined the “Portofino” of the Southern of Italy for its incredible sea and its strategic location, encircling in the Policastro Gulf. In short, Cilento is a journey to discover nature, it is the perfect match between the colors of the sky and the sea with those of the earth.